Monday, September 29, 2014


  Three things I learned from this project is: Who I really am, how to run I movie, and how to ask for help.

Friday, September 12, 2014

An Unforgettable School Day

                                                    An Unforgettable School Day

     This year there was a estimated amount of 23,380 brain tumors.I would have never thought that this fact would affect me. My Sixth grade year at O’Neill Elementary School was another standard day until something happened. 
           Well today was a pretty normal day. I took a shower in the morning, and then got some breakfast and what not.Then went to school and went to all my class like a normal day, but at about reading time, I got a phone call. This wasn't a typical phone call; it was a very serious one. The phone call was from my dad saying something about my mom.               
              The crestfallen call ruined my day. I had to go to a luxurious hospital in Omaha the whole weekend. The reason why I had to stay the whole weekend down there was because my mom had a brain tumor! Saturday morning the doctors had to figure out what to do to get it, so we ended up waiting a week before they could figure out how to help her. That next Friday they had the surgery. It went smoothly, but there was a catch. After the surgery they hadn’t done a substantial job, so the doctors had to open her back up to make sure make there wasn’t bacteria.
      Finally she was ok and fit. Though I don’t know if she was feeling that good, or if she was just that excited to see me. 
              Unfortunately brain tumors did affect me, but my mom after Mom had her surgery, she said that she is going to walk every night for people with MS or brain tumors. Now my mom is a survivor, and she is walking without a cane.