Friday, November 14, 2014

American freedom

                                                       American Freedom
                                                           by:Bryce K.

              What does freedom mean to most Americans. Freedom to most people means the right to bear arms and sacrifice for this country.
             When you think about the right to bear arms you probably think of all the great things you can do with a gun. One thing that is absolutely amazing that you can do with a gun is go hunting. Another thing that is extraordinary is having the right of protection with a side arm. Lastly having guns at your own home at night. These thing that I have talked about is the  finest  privilege this country has ever gotten.
              Another reason to appreciate freedom is sacrifice, all kinds of sacrifice. One thing is all the different types of the military sacrificing there lives for us. another thing is trying their best for the U.S.A. another thing that comes to mind when thinking of sacrifice I think of the saying freedom is not free.
              Freedom means that you have the right to bear arms, and sacrifice for this country. Now you should understand what freedom means.