Friday, December 12, 2014

Nebraska Life

Nebraska is a hard working place, home of the meat.
Working on the farm 12 hours a day.
The dirt on the tractors slowly dry and fall to the shop floor.
Feeling the wind shaking the corn stalks in the fields.

persona poem

My mouth opens cars drive into me.
My chimney smokes at 6:00 am with my other house friends.
My square eyes gleam in the sunlight.

Nebraska list poem

address North America
special skills keeping watch of football
favorite color blue/white
activities big N football

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

name poem

It means hardworking, sacrificing, and awesome.
My favorite number is 56.
My favorite color is like a blueberry.
I like to shoot rabbits with my brothers.
It is the memory of my brothers, who taught me how to laugh and hunt
when they spend time with me.
My name is Bryce, and it means hard working and joking.

Monday, December 8, 2014


The wind can be evil
field goals can be terribly tuff
chopping your feet can make you powerful
throw the football with out any disbelief

Sheet Rocking

Sheet Rocking can be shocking
To be done would be so fun
At the end of the day theres know way we  could ever play



I can feel the earth shaking underneath my bare hands.
I can smell the dirt flying into my nostrils.
The sight of sheet metal flying off corn bins
You can hear the screaming of children's voices through the flowing breeze
You can taste the grass and dirt flying through the winds


Directing percussion group
Remembering the down beats
Understanding the Johhny Rabb beat
Making it sound amazing
Sacrifice your time
Energetic playing
Trusting that it can be done

Thursday, December 4, 2014


cars are a current
they howell with speed
they can be similar
rock moving get over o
 rapids and ride rough
cars can rumble similar to a river