Friday, April 17, 2015


            Have you ever heard of a lady who has worked ten jobs? Well this lady is a lady named Kathy Krieger. In these paragraphs I am going to talk about Kathy known as my mother. We are going to be taking about her child hood, young adult life, and adult life. This lady inspires me every day.  Here are the reasons why.
          Kathy was born in Creighton Nebraska on a ranch near a creek where she spent a lot of time when younger. Kathy had one sister when growing named beth who was 4 years older than she was. Kathy’s house when growing up was very quiet mainly because she didn't have as big as family as she does now. Some of Kathy favorite memories was going by the creek by her ranch were she lived and trowing rocks in it with her boyfriend which is my dad named Lorin who liked to hang out with her and go t the drive in theater when they were a young adult.
          Some of Kathy’s careers for her young adult life includes nursing home, and hay field with her dad named Jerry Hoyt.  Some of her favorite actives as a young adult was playing board games with her sister Beth, and she also liked to have snow ball fights with her sister beth, but some times some one would get hurt throwing a son ball each other so some time when their parents were gone they would have them so nobody would get in trouble. She also had some friends in high school that liked to hang out with her. 
          Some of Kathy's opines over the years changed just do to her age and getting married at 18 was what helped her change her opions on the way she looked at things that she thought that was not or right. Some careers that she has an adult is a secretary at Faith Community Church in O’Neill, and also the nursing home in O’Neill, and J&H Green House in O’Neill and Walmart in Norfolk Nebraska. She also got some new family in O’Neill, she got parent in-laws which are Sylvia and Norbert Krieger Which is my dads known as Lorin Krieger’s parents.
          Out of the jobs Kathy has had being a mother is her favorite to do. Now that  I've talked about all the great things Kathy has accomplished you can understand why she is my inspiration.

By: Bryce Krieger


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