Thursday, April 2, 2015

Jackson, Mississippi

Jackson, Mississippi

Jackson, Mississippi - a pleasure, and an interesting place that is great. There are so many things you can do here, so many sports, shopping, and just learning about the history of Mississippi by looking at museums.
First, I want to talk about the foods. There is so much history to the food here. A popular style of food is Cajun. Cajun comes from French Creole influence.  All kinds of people travel here to get a great meal straight from the South. The first dish I am going to talk about is shrimp. You can do so many things to shrimp. You can fry it, boil it, even bread it.  A popular thing to do in Mississippi to your shrimp is boil it. Now this is where the crayfish come in. Typically, people make a big meal with shrimp, crayfish, potatoes, and corn. Another big dish is fried chicken. It’s a big deal in the South. You don't make fun of fried chicken down there or else you might get a whipping. 
Second, I want to talk about is clothing in Jackson, Mississippi.  The clothing is generally light like t-shirts, sweat-shirts, shorts, short socks, and if it’s really hot, a cut off is advised.
Now when I talk about clothing and short clothing, it’s going to do with weather, which is what this paragraph is about. The first thing is the humidity there; it is staggering. We can walk out of the Jackson airport and have your glasses fog up. Next thing I'm going to talk about is Christmas. Now you are probably thinking that it is super off topic,  but it goes with the weather there.  In the winter, it can reach to 80 degrees or higher,  which is really hot for winter if you’re not from the South. Another really good thing is you can go fishing in the winter which makes it very cool!
  Jackson is an all around great place, like for instance the food, clothing, and weather. Jackson is an all around excellent place to go, and a great place to spend with family or friends for that matter.

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